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Our expertise in molding, surface treatment and mount Saint Ouen

Discover on this page our entire know-how in the foundry, surface treatment, turning, polishing and mounting. Do not hesitate to call on us, we will advise you on the most appropriate technology for your projects.


We make our bronzes by 3 foundry techniques :

  • Sand casting : the most widespread traditional cast iron for our bronzes. The bronzes are trimmed, bleached and polished manually.
  • Fonte to Casting : Making a wax mold for a cast iron with a perfect finish. The bronzes are polished manually.
  • Injection cast iron : Cast iron made for mass production for a better quality / price ratio. These parts are made of brass and polished barrel


Turner bronze works in a process that usually consists of three steps :

  • Trimming parts
  • Machining using towers
  • The decor of the rooms through knurling operations.

The digital film allows for series production for a better quality / price ratio.


Polishing is a critical step to the final product quality, it determines the final appearance of the room. The dexterity of our polishers can prepare the most complex surfaces (welded frames, branches of crystal chandeliers, galleries). The roughness and defects of the pieces are thus "erased" by polishing is effected with strips having a grain finer, until obtaining a shiny surface and defect free. Finally, brightening can give gloss to the parts and eliminate the trait of polishing pads.

Surface treatments

The surface treatment enables the protection and decoration of metal. At first, we proceed to the degreasing by electrolysis to ensure good adhesion. Secondly, a first metal layer is deposited to prepare the cohesion of the metal layers. Different finishes are available:

  • Chromium
  • Bright Nickel
  • Satin Nickel
  • Black Nickel
  • Silvering
  • Bronze medal
  • Copper
  • Brassing
  • Tinning
  • 24 carat gold plating or electrolytic

Finally, the coating protects the parts and performed decor, against external attacks (hands sweat, bad weather, etc ...). There are various types of varnishes, more or less resistant, more or less dye, having different properties. Our varnishes are applied manually in an appropriate space.


The frame is made in several stages (working of bronze workers):

  • Tapping, threading parts
  • Welding elements
  • Formatting and editing galleries, belts, moldings and other parts using a template
  • Final assembly of parts

For more information, contact your expert foundry in Saint Ouen, KHEPHREN

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